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Behind every great person is another great person.

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Your experience matters too.

Too many times we hurt the ones we love. It can be hard to remember why or how, because guilt is not our kindest friend. The mark of hurt is left behind and lives on in the one you cherish the most. It’s undeniably still there, hidden behind the motivation they no longer have, the smile that turns so quickly upside down. It even lives on in that deadly habit. It could be a substance that is taking their life. It lives and shows up in so many unhelfpul ways such as those quick reactions that sabatoge instead of save.

The many times we hurt another mounts in sleepless nights and occupies the moments they needed their self-esteem. It reflects the times they gave up, fled or fought against powerful forces - desire and dread. These moments feel the same as they did when it seemed like you didn’t care and choose you instead.

That feeling of utterly alone, it anchors instead of lifting humans. This feeling ushers in pleading calls for answers. An answer for truth about meaning in existence - this uncertainty is not life, but stuck, paralyzed; it's almost like being left for dead.

They and you long to repair the missed moments - when knowing and understanding would have connected you both to desire and hope, not dread. Hope is believing that moment for connecting still exists - it‘s believing we will have our happy ever after - a great person who believes in, cares for and protects us when hardship shows up. Love is survival, it matters the most.

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